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30 JUNE 2019


An informal get-together of club members on

 Sunday 30 June

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Established in 1977 at a time of crisis for cherished numbers when the licensing authorities began refusing transfers and caused misery for many, many people. Numbers which had been owned for several years, even numbers which had been passed down from previous generations were in danger of being lost forever in the hands of bureaucrats !

Fortunately, help was close at hand.

Alex Jackson, a well known Yorkshire rally driver who owned several cherished plates, joined forces with a small number of associates who decided that some action was required.

They attracted the services of classic car enthusiast and club magazine printer, Steve Waldenberg to act as Honorary Organising Secretary, and before long the Registration Numbers Club was formed.

After several press announcements, a large rally was held at Harewood House near Leeds, and within a short time over 2000 members had signed up !

 Following a massive parliamentary lobby, letters to Members of Parliament and the press, the authorities relented and once again transfers of cherished numbers were allowed. Some badly needed changes were incorporated into the system to prevent fraud.






The club has continued since 1977 issuing regular newsletters to members, holding an annual rally and generally keeping an eye on the whole UK vehicle registration system.


The concept of cherished numbers has changed dramatically since those early days, with the DVLA, of course, marketing its own range of marks. In reality there are few problems transferring numbers today and in many cases the Swansea headquarters completes transfers in a matter of days rather than weeks. The recently introduced online retain and assign sytem has also done much to speed things up considerably.

The club is run on a voluntary basis from the RNC headquarters in Leeds. Its quarterly newsletter '"RNC NEWS" is the only regular publication to deal exclusively with cherished registrations and is still produced by one of the original founders, Steve Waldenberg.  

 In the mid nineties long time member William Heaton, also of Leeds, became the  club's Publicity Officer commencing activities to gain it a higher profile.

 Unfortunately, due to increased business commitments, he had to stand down and Rod Lomax, from Bury in Lancashire, also a long time member, took over as  Publicity Officer in the summer of 2000.



If you own a cherished vehicle registration number and/or are interested in joining the RNC, please contact us using any of the methods shown below or by printing, completing and mailing the membership form.


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You'll be joining a group of like minded people and will obtain all the latest information on the whole fascinating subject of cherished registration numbers.


The Registration Numbers Club


Steve Waldenberg - Magazine Editor


m. 07774 808444


Dominic Chandler - Membership Secretary


m.  07951 595306


Rod Lomax - Publicity Officer


t. 0161 764 8180      f. 0700 345 1177 

m. 07860 344607



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