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The Registration Numbers Club produces a quarterly eight page newsletter, usually around February, May, August and November for distribution to fully paid up members

Letters, contributions and photographs from members are accepted and published on a first come, first served basis, along with editorial and publicity material. We occasionally feature one of our club members in a 'Member profile' page. News from DVLA concerning any regulation changes and a report on recent auctions is also included. Full details of our annual rally are included in the February and May issues each year, along with a review in the August issue.


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Members may advertise 'numbers for sale', 'numbers wanted' or 'related items' in the club newsletter in return for a small donation if the sale or want is successful.

Please click on the Member sales link to view members items for sale up to and including the current issue of RNC News.

We also accept trade advertisements from cherished number dealers at very economical rates. Please contact us for a current rate card and sample newsletters.

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